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RADIANT MODEL SCHOOL (RMS) is an English Medium Co-educational day school for the Boys and Girls situated at Sonai Road (Shantinagar) Near B.R.T.F. Camp Silchar-6. The aim of the institution is to train the students to become useful citizens of their motherland as well as to form in them habits of pity, virtue, discipline and self-efficiency.

The education is a life long process but it must develop firm foundations. The goal of RMS is to enrol students with love of learning and inculcate in them a desire to excel at every level. The aim is also to equip them with the intellectual and practical skills necessary to meet the challenges inherent in the future. Alongside intellectual nourishment it inculcates in it gives a student a strong sense of nationalism, appreciation of Indian art and culture, and pride of our glorious past and rich heritage.

Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school. Guardians are requested to collaborate in this with the authorities of the school by urging the regular attendance, performance of home tasks and punctuality of their wards. Periodical reports will keep parents informed of the progress of their children. These reports are to be signed by the parents must be returned.

Students are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct in and outside the school. Hence misbehaviour in public places and conveyances justifies dismissal, irregular attendance, habitual ill-ness or idleness, objectionable moral behaviour, conduct deter mental to the ordinary life of the school, continual failure to make satisfactory progress in studies and above all discourtesy disrespect and disobedience to teachers and staff and each is a sufficient cause for dismissal.


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Our Motto

Shaping Lives Building Dreams

Proven Academic Reputation

The educational approach at Radiant Model School is unique. Rather than structuring the learning around a strict curriculum, our educators focus on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive, and innovative citizens of tomorrow.

Management's Desk

Baharuddin Laskar


Welcome to Radiant Model School, which started about 10 years ago, with a feel of need and care for the community we belong, the community with modest earning levels. I am delighted that the school's values align with my own personal values, which advocates the nonnegotiable need and importance of education for all in an environment of trust, respect and feel.

The school started with the idea of providing best possible affordable education to all sections of the society with a special focus on those who find it hard to afford expensive English medium schools. The development of the school over the past few years has been significant. The future will be built on the firm foundations laid by the executive management of the school, focusing on the quality of education and school life, especially for the benefit of our learners. Infrastructure and facilities will be augmented and high-quality teachers will be inducted to the already existing hardworking staffs we have now, with an aim of improving all the time.

Education is changing constantly and to address that, our initiatives will be on all the time in terms of teaching methodology and other best practices we gather through the research and learning process of our teaching staffs and administrators. Our results over the past years speak for themselves and it's our commitment to make it better every year.

When you make a decision to educate your children in Radiant, we guarantee you our sincere effort to deliver using best possible resources at our disposal, this is my message to the parents. It's a matter of utmost importance that the parents, the teachers, and the administrators collaborate and communicate frankly and frequently. We will try our best to continually improve the quality of tools of communication, including giving our parents access to an interactive website where they can retrieve pertinent information about their children's academic and co-curricular activities.

I wish the executive management of the school including teachers and administrators my best wishes in this endeavor. I am very confident that, our sincere efforts would help us scale new heights.

Dolly Begum Laskar

Vice President

Radiant Model School is something that is very close to our heart and it's a source of feel good for us. It's always a pleasure to find myself associated with this noble endeavor, which is putting its sincere efforts towards educating our children, the future citizens of the earth. How tiny it may be, to us it's a very significant step towards our desire to contribute towards the society. Seeing our children getting education is something that enlivens us.

I am personally quite happy about the improvements the school is making over the years and the result it has produced so far. I am very sure that, it will be a betterment each time. We have a very hard-working academic and administrative crew, which is committed to deliver their best.

Importance of communication between teachers, parents and executive management is so high in an educational institute and so school needs to work in this direction keeping pace with the latest technological developments. School website is a timely right step towards this direction. We would assure all that, its just the start and it will be developed for the use of all stakeholders in a very quick time.

From my part, I would urge all the parents to feel free to get back to the management for anything that does not live up to their expectation. We assure you that, your concern will be addressed. We would also welcome suggestions for improvement. The website will be incorporating all those interactive segments, when it grows to the intended level.

My best wishes to the school management including teachers and administrators. Students and Parents are vital part of our endeavor and I would like to wish and greet them vide this message.

Nabendu Bikash Das


Radiant Model School is opened with this motto "Shaping Lives and Building Dreams" to nourish and nurture the potential of individuals to the extent of perfection. This school is run by 'Asab Uddin Memorial Society' since 2009 in order to give quality education to our students and to spread the education all around.

The management is constantly upgrading the school infrastructure and increasing the facilities for students. The School is a pride to students in the locality and it plays a commendable role in imparting Discipline and Decorum among the students. The Management, Parents, Students and the Teaching staffs of our school are a Team and complement each other's efforts.

It is our earnest effort to make Radiant Model School, a School with a difference and a school missioned to impart excellence in individuals and prepare good citizens, professionals, leader, and intellectuals. We lay focus on all round development of a child where he will be physically strong and mentally healthy.

We understand that Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a high profiled job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide and make our students morally upright citizens of the country.

Therefore, we try to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where academics, sports and co-curricular Facilities mould our students and motivate them to be the brightest and the best.

I welcome parents and students to be part of Radiant family to share common ideals and aspirations as we build through a challenging and enriching educational experience for our students.

I am very much glad and it gives me immense pleasure that the website of Radiant Model school will highlight the achievements of the School and our students in education as well as other co-curricular activities. I hope, the website will motivate the students to work harder.

Moreover, I look forward to the combined support of all, to make Radiant Model School, one of the model school in the locality.

K. I. Mazumder

Managing Director

Education plays a vital role in our lives. It is not only learning of subjects, theories and principles that govern the world but also expanding our horizons add beliefs and inculcation of values that become a part of our personalities for our entire lifetime.

Education is an un-ending and on going process. One has to keep the mind within humanity to learn. I convey my immense pleasure in getting an opportunity to work in Radiant Model School and fruitfully interact with all members, staff, students and their parents. In the current year the Radiant Model School has frown abundantly in its size and stature. It is our solemn duty and responsibility to ensure, that purposeful education training of a high standard is imparted to our students to equip them to complete for various careers and course of choice in years to come and cohesive administrative facilities within available resources are made available to all for shaping up the institution towards attainment of our cherished goals.

I ensure, to the best of my ability for selfless contribution towards the noble cause of building up the institution for all round growth and development of its children. To bring up the school comparatively at par with other schools of repute, calls for wholehearted dedication on the part of students, staff members as well as everyone associated with the school. Let us therefore, remember that :

"To get together in the beginning;
To stay together in progress;
To work together in success."

Principal's Desk

Shankar Debnath


The school is a place where children are encouraged to say, "I see it, I get it, I can do it".

Our philosophy of education has always been meeting the needs of the individual child. Children acquire skills and knowledge easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful. In the 21st century, the Digital Revolution affects us all. Quite simply, it is changing everything: a brilliant barrage of information, entertainment, companionship and education is speedily available. In such a surrounding when work and effort is valued, the child's self-esteem is high lightened, from this results self- motivation. We try to understand and work with each child, and we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to enable the child in our care to develop as a whole.

Our goal at RMS (Radiant Model School) is to provide and enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that will prepare students for success while at RMS and for the years that follow.

The school where the quality matters the most we have tried to reflect the kaleidoscope of learning, adventures, creatives and positive approach of one young minds through writing and drawings.

I hope this effort of our minds will serve as a stepping stone towards the many miles stones we have to cover in pursuit of excellence.